Adelaide gardens by BrightOn Landscaping

BrightOn landscaping believes that client communication is fundamental, we will listen and implement your garden ideas, as the land and circumstances allow.

We have catered to our client’s garden needs across a variety of locations in Adelaide and South Australia. Take a look at our ‘Featured Adelaide Gardens’ to see some of our recent work.

Our careful planning can help our clients avoid costly mistakes in the short, medium and even your long term plans.

How to choose the right garden?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right garden for your home, not only do we consider the Adelaide terrain and location, but we must plan your garden starting with your ideas.

We have an extensive process to help you make the best decision moving forward and will help provide you the basis for your stunning garden.

There are many different types of garden styles and features we cater for, here are a handful to help start your idea thought process:
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Water Efficiency

Landscape Gardeners Adelaide

A water efficient garden is a necessity in today’s day and age. At BrightOn Landscaping we pay attention to detail to make sure your garden can look just as amazing as a water-guzzling garden.

Easy Maintenance

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We are the experts in installation, repairs and maintenance for effective irrigation garden solutions in Adelaide. Maintenance is an aspect you do not want to avoid; at the same time you do not want your garden maintenance to become a burden on your time and budget.

Pet Friendly

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The right type of garden for the allowance of pets should allow for lots of shade. For dogs, it’s important to go for a hardy lawn grass, its hard wearing and makes it ideal for pets. For cats, it is important to understand the right type of plants. Nip and thyme are two great examples for cats.

Water Feature Gardens

Garden Landscaping Adelaide

A landscape water feature can add a brilliant look and feel to your garden. Sometimes it is the counterpoint for which the entire garden design is based upon. Water features can suit any garden style and size. If you are considering incorporating a water feature please read more here.

Contemporary Gardens

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A modern contemporary garden represents a sleek, sophisticated style to your outdoor environment. At BrightOn Landscaping we place important emphasis on the garden architecture design with classy geometric shapes and stunning patterns.

Aussie Bush Gardens

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Bush gardens are increasingly popular. The real Australian native garden style has an increasing amount of benefits. They are very sustainable, low maintenance, easy to propagate and are very water conservative compared to other plants. Plus there is a diverse range of Australian plants to help suit any garden.

How to decide on the right garden elements?
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It can sometimes be a little overwhelming on deciding the right garden landscape design to choose from, however then come the challenges of the exact specifics. For example - What grass type to use, what mulch is needed, soil, fertiliser, plants and not to mention the type of maintenance needed year round?

At BrightOn Landscaping we understand the specifics and can help assist you throughout the decision making process in choosing the right garden style for the right Adelaide terrain and climate.